Release Note

Currently we’ve ended the support of the current 2.1.x plugin branch.
Now we’re working on a brand new plugin’s release 3.x which will be optimized, improved on the front-end and will have a new fresh look and many new features and options in the back-end.
Some features that will be added in the new plugin version:

  • New: Hits counter – count your blog (page/post) visitors
  • New: Coundown counter – ‘Day Loop’ action
  • New: Step counter – ‘Loop’ action. Eg. when the counter has ended – it launched from start automatically
  • New: Step counter – Point and comma can be used as a delimiter of digits


v2.1.14:05 October 2017(Released)

  • Improvement: WordPress 4.9 better compatibility.
  • BugFix: Bug fixes found by the customers.


v2.1.12:15 December 2016(Released)

  • Improvement: WordPress 4.7 better compatibility.
  • Improvements: Some settings of the ‘Click’ counter and its stability.
  • BugFix: ‘Interval value’ doesn’t affect on frontend with ‘Click’ counter.
  • BugFix: Minor bug fixes found by the customers.


v2.1.11:17 November 2016(Released)

  • Improvement: Restrict to use a quotes in the Mask field.
  • BugFix: Google fonts were not appropriated for titles (Time & Countdown).
  • BugFix: Minor bug fixes found by the customers.


v2.1.10:13 October 2016(Released)

  • New Added: Option: Time request interval to refresh counter (Click counter).
  • New Added: Action ‘Do nothing’ now available in the ‘Countdown’ counter.
  • Improvement: The number of server requests were reduced.
  • BugFix: Visual Composer now shows the created counters with their names.
  • BugFix: Special characters in the input fields.
  • BugFix: Minor bug fixes.


v2.1.8:23 August 2016(Released)

  • Improvement: Now uses ‘POST’ requests instead of ‘GET’ requests. A ‘GET’ requests – might be not workable on some servers.
  • BugFix: Minor bugs were fixed.


v2.1.7:27 May 2016(Released)

  • Improvement: ‘NaN’ labels have appeared when a counters initializing.
  • BugFix: Small fixes in the plugin’s backend
  • BugFix: A few bugs found by users


v2.1.6:13 May 2016(Released)

  • Improvement: Link to plugin’s Settings now appear in the Plugins actions row
  • BugFix: The issue with removing specific characters in the plugin’s backend
  • BugFix: Speed load improvements


v2.1.5:30 April 2016

  • New added: Click counter – New options on click action (considering IP addresses and/or Cookie)
  • Improvement: Design and better compatibility with the Visual composer plugin
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.x


v2.1.4:16 March 2016

  • Improvement: WordPress timezones or UTC timezone can be applied for some types of counters;
  • Improvement: Plugin speed load;
  • Improvement: ‘Click counter’ on the frontend now automatically updates the values every 2s;
  • BugFix: ‘End value’ with Step counter now works correctly;


v2.1.3:26 February 2016

  • Improvement: JS Demo on ‘Click Counter’ has been improved
  • BugFix: A couple small bugs found by users


v2.1.2:15 February 2016

  • New added: Color picker now can be set with transparent colors
  • New added: Custom defined gradients as background are available to use
  • New added: Angle of the fill can be used for custom gradients
  • New added: Custom image as background can be used
  • New added: ‘Step Counter’ – now can be used without date
  • New added: ‘Step Counter’ – ‘do nothing’ action has been added
  • New added: ‘Safe Fonts’ – have been added and ready to use
  • Improvement: Now each counter can be initialized manually by calling the function oCounterReInit()
  • Improvement: Google fonts now loaded more faster
  • Improvement: Many small improvements to add more customization
  • BugFix: A couple small bugs found by users


v2.1.1:26 November 2015

  • New added: All Google Fonts are available to use
  • New added: Now you can remove spacing between characters in the block on any type of counter
  • Improvement: Spacing between characters now more adjustable
  • Improvement: Small UI design improvements (backend)
  • BugFix: The chosen counter’s font was wrong on some WP themes (frontend)
  • BugFix: ‘Animation Effect’ settings were not saved for some types of counters


v2.1:13 November 2015

  • New added: New type of counter: ‘Click counter’
  • New added: Actions and events for ‘Click counter’
  • New added: Integration with ‘Visual Composer’ plugin
  • Improvement: Full WordPress 4.x compatibility
  • Improvement: Documentation section
  • BugFix: A few small bugs found by users


v2.0.3:29 March 2015

  • New added: Five new gradient backgrounds
  • Improvement: Minor interface improvements
  • BugFix: Small bugs found by users


v2.0.2:08 February 2015

  • New added: Decimal fraction support for the ‘Step Counter’
  • Improvement: Minor improvements


v2.0.1:03 February 2015

  • New added: Ability to define margin space into sub-counter after click
  • New added: Full Greek chars support
  • BugFix: Bug fixes in code


v2.0.0:20 November 2014

  • New added: FULL CORE UPDATED!
  • New added: New type of counter: ‘Step Counter’
  • New added: Ability to use mixed types of Counters in one block or one page
  • New added: EVENTS and ACTIONS for each types of Counter
  • New added: New fonts and backgrounds
  • New added: Many other new features


v1.4:15 September 2014

  • New added: ‘Stop auto start’ feature, that prevents starting the counters when they loaded by calling JavaScript function.
  • New added: ‘Delay’ feature when the counters is loading (very useful when using Ajax)
  • Improvement:Minor bug fixes


v1.3:29 June 2014

  • New added: Special national characters for Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak languages
  • Improvement: Plugin stability


v1.2:13 June 2014

  • New added: Ability to define the left and right spaces around a character. Used to align (corrective) horizontal character position in the block (see documentation)
  • New added: Special characters for Spanish language
  • Improvement: Minor improvements by the customers comments


v1.1:11 May 2014

  • New added: ‘Random Display Text’ checkbox parameter. Used to shuffle (randomly) received counter values in text counter type (see documentation)
  • New added: ‘Random Duration’ checkbox parameter. Used to align (corrective) speed animation (see documentation)
  • New added: ‘Redirect Link’ parameter. Used when the Countdown counter is finished then opens the defined link (see documentation)
  • Improvement: ‘Set Responsive’ parameter. Responsive abilities improvements.