Some frequency asked questions by our customers. Also this FAQ will let you ability to better understand the plugin work.

How do I update my purchased plugin?

When a new update comes out, make sure you read the update description log on the bottom of the plugin’s page at codecanyon.net. After reading, you can decide if you need the update or not.
If you decide to update, here’s how you can do it:

Update via FTP – This is the safest way. If you have access via FTP to your site files, you can replace the plugin files with the updated ones. Just go to wp-content/plugins/team-showcase and replace the files with the ones on the zip of the updated plugin.

Update via WordPress Admin – From the tests performed, you can deactivate and delete the plugin on the Plugin’s administration page of WordPress and upload and active the updated files. This operation should not affect the entries you have already made. However, we recommend the FTP solution, because it’s safer.

Automatic Updates – Consider using the ‘Envato Market’ plugin available here: http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/

How to add the responsive abilities to created counter?

First you need create a counter and make your needed settings. Then you can go to the ‘Counter Style’ section and find ‘Set Responsive Abilities’ on the right side of section.

Please see the screenshot, as an example:

Field “from” – defines minimal screen size (in pixels)
Field “to” – defines maximal screen size (in pixels)
Field “font” – defines character size that will be in defined screen size interval.

For example: if you will define 1080 / 1920 / 30 – it means that from screensize 1080px to 1920px size of the characters will be 30px.

I want to create a counter where every day a specific amount is added, is this possible?

In this case you can use the ‘Step’ counter.

Please look at the screenshot, as an example:

Also, a little example here:
you need to add $10 to total amount (and start amount=$0), everyday at 5:00 o’clock—>
Step Counter Settings:
Start Value = 0
Start Date: 11/28/2014 05:00:00
Interval Time (in seconds): 86400 (24 hours x 60 mins x 60 secs = 86400 secs)
Interval Step = 10

Don’t forget to define the ‘Mask’ field (e.g. Mask:$0000).

*After you’ll be done – check the counter Name and then click ‘Save’ button.

Is it possible to get an integer value from an API and show this number in your beautiful counter design.

It’s probably we will integrate this feature in the further. But for now if you’d like to get an value or string from your API and show this number or text – you may use our Ultimate JavaScript Counter.
Integration of this counter into your site should be easy with effective documentation integrated in the plugin.

Why the text counter does not fit with the length of the wording and/or shows me a lot of empty spaces?

In this case you should adjust the ‘Mask’ input field. This is one of the most important settings (see built-in plugin Documentation – Property Names and Descriptions – Mask).

For creating a ‘Text Counter’ – in this field you need specify number of chars you want to show.
For example: if you want to show two different labels ‘ANNI 132’ and then ‘132 ANNI’ – you should type to the ‘Mask’ input field 7 spaces (132 ANNI = 7 chars).

In ‘Mask’ input field you can use ‘0’ or [space] chars as variables. ‘0’ and [space] in the mask are replaceable chars transmitted to the counter in the form of the string. Other chars in the mask will be displayed without changes.
For example: to display time in format 00:00:00 am(pm) it is necessary to use the mask “00:00:00 ” and transmit the string “031457 pm” to the counter. For that purpose it is possible to use the mask “00000000 ” but then it is necessary to transmit the string “03:14:57 pm” to the counter

Don’t forget to save your created/edited counter.